Our Sweet Story: How Frosted Fox Sweets Began

While I've always baked (since my mom let me!), I never seriously considered opening my own sweets business. It was a hobby and that was all! As I continued to receive more and more requests to make birthday cakes for friends and family...I would think about it and then just push the thought away!

In 2021, the perfect collaboration opportunity presented itself as I partnered with a local friend to create an epic Valentine's Box and I made 3 different cakes. Boy was I overwhelmed but totally energized by my new venture. I decided to just take it week by week and month by month. Here we are, 7 months later and it's been such a fun ride!

In August, I started experimenting with "Cake Pints." I thought they'd be fun but had no idea the reaction they would get from my customers - people love them! I'm delighted that I am now able to offer nationwide shipping on these delicious desserts. 

Additionally, I'll continue to offer custom cakes to customers local to Nashville!

Now, about the name of our business: having such a fun last name, as Fox, I knew I wanted to incorporate that into my business name...bless my sister for coming up with the name!

Our priorities are to buy local, fresh ingredients and use sustainable packaging and processes for all of our products. 

This business would not be in existence without each of your support and encouragement, truly, thank you from the bottom of my heart!